In the foothills of the southern Drakensberg nestles Castleburn a home to eland, reedbuck and 100 species of bird, who flock to the re-established wetlands.

Spacious, thatched, architect-designed cottages, built of hand-hewn local stone, cluster around Lake Madingofani . Its shimmering surface reflects the rocky summits of the Garden Castle and is disturbed only by the breeze and the occasional trout jumping.

The estate borders on a Natal Parks Board nature reserve, and the famous Giant's Cup hiking trail passes through it. For chilly Berg evenings, the private, luxuriously furnished cottages have heating systems in the bedrooms and bathrooms and a stone fireplace; there is also an impressively equipped kitchen. A convivial lakeside clubhouse encourages friendly get-togethers.

If you love peace and unpolluted air, bathing in crystal clear streams, fishing, riding, sailing, hiking, tennis, swimming.... you'll find the perfect holiday at Castleburn.

The resort has wholeownership, syndication and timeshare options available on a Shareblock basis.

Castleburn is rated a Gold Crown resort by RCI.

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Swimming Pool O Squash O
Tennis O Trout Fishing O
Children's Playground O Sailing O
Trampoline O Rowing / Canoes O
Walk Scenic O Restaurant O
Horse Riding O Mini Golf O
Golf N Put-Put N
O = On site | N = Nearby